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Sammy: Born November 14, 1997. Mama/JudiBug fell in love with me while visiting friends in New Mexico, in 1997, when I was quite young. I was being raised with a litter of puppies and the beans were calling me PUPPY!!!! Mama convinced her friend beans that I wasn't a puppy and should go back to Texas with her.   In May of 2012 I ran off to the Bridge.

Andy: Born approximately August 13, 2000. Mama found me along a busy street in Mesa, Arizona, in August of 2000, when I was only a few days old. I weighed 9 ounces, so she had a full time job to save me, but look at the wonderful job she did!!!! When she returned to Texas, of course I came with her.  In May of 2012 Andy was the only mancat in the house and was given the title of Sir.

Mama/JudiBug, Sammy and I (Andy) have been together ever since, except for the year she was in Ireland, while she recovered from 2 years of colon surgeries and many complications. While mama was gone, we lived with the sisterbean (TraciBug) and 2 grandbeans (LaurynBug and KorinnaBug). Since her return in 2007, we have all lived together....sisterbean, grandbeans, mama and us.

Shelly:  My Gotcha Day was February 22, 2011, at about 1 1/2 to 2 years of age. I was homeless and these nice people moved in this second floor apartment.  I would sit on the roof overlooking their balcony and meow at them.  When they weren't out on the balcony, I would make my perilous trip from the roof, down onto the narrow fence that went across the balcony, and then down onto the balcony.  It took me 3 months to get brave enough to come into the house.  I love it here, even if my new brothers are rather grumpy towards me!!!!!!!!

Sierra:  My gotcha day was 11/1/2011, at about 5 mos of age.  I was homeless and hanging out on the front steps.  On Halloween night I had my first meeting with TraciBug and KorinnaBug they stopped and talked to me and pet me, but that was all.  I hung around and the very next morning they left and this time one of the beans left me some water and food ... at that moment I knew I had them.  When TraciBug returned, she had all these bags in her hands.  I knew this was my moment, when the door opened I ran inside as quickly as I could.  I really didn't care that there was another bean (Mama/JudiBug) on the other side.  I've been inside ever since.  I totally love my home.  I've gotten a few nicknames like CC, Squirrels, Squirrely ...... they say because I'm always into something. 

February 2012 Mama/JudiBug was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer.  TraciBug then started posting and will hopefully someday learn how to do all the graphics that Mama/JudiBug did.

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